Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hi Wessy!

Wesley had a WONDERFUL first & second day of school.  I am happy to report everything for Wesley has gone so nicely.  He loves his teacher and get this she said he is the most helpful when it comes to cleaning up and listens well. She said "He is a blessing and is mature for his age." You could of picked my jaw off the floor- I was SO PROUD!!  Another clue he had a great day...he had a pretend conversation with his teacher on the phone tonight telling her "I love you Ms Sandra and I will see you tomorrow okay?"

So why is this titled "Hi Wessy?"  When he walked into the room a little girl got out of her chair and walked right over to Wesley and said "Hi Wessy."  Is that girl flirting with my son???? Little girl, I got my eyes on you!!!

Wesley might have the start of being a ladies man...but his good looks do not impress his sister at all...


Wolfpacker's Angel said...

I love that photo! It made me chuckle.

Lauren said...

Haha. The picture of Lawson giving Wes the stare down is hilarious. Also, tell that girl in Wes' class to "back up!" Ha. He's going to be a ladies man... you know this right?