Friday, September 24, 2010

Week in Review

This is our 4th week of school (I think) for Lawson and our 2nd week of school for Wesley.  Somethings have gotten easier like me waking up so early, and other things still like to challenge us.  Like getting dressed. I am not going to go into all the horrible details just know I have been challenged like I have a teenage daughter.  This challenge has brought me to tears more then once and questioned all my of my motherly instincts.  However, with talking to several people we might of found a solution (or one that works for us right now.)  I have a "Lawson Dressing Chart" and for the last 2 days it has gone very welll.  I will admit I am not above bribery and someone is getting a piece (small) chocolate at 8AM but it is so much better then the alternative!! 

Wesley is LOVING school.  He loves his teacher and his friends.  His teacher did inform me he had quiet time yesterday and her exact word "You didn't tell me you had a yeller?"  my responce "I haven't really noticed." With a hint of sarcasism.  Maybe that is because I have gone deaf from the years of yelling.  So Welsey said all day "We use our words and we don't yell."  I have been telling that boy that same line for at least a year but it gets repeated when someone else says it?  Go figure.

Funny Stories Now:
Lawson asked me this week "Mommy do you like to dust?" 
Me: "No, why?" 
Lawson:  Because your house is really dusty and it is making me cough. Can you please dust?
I just got told by a 5 year old that I stink at cleaning.  NICE!!

We are FINALLY painting Wesley's room.  It has been a nice pee yellow with bone color trim for 5 years (this is the way it was when we moved in).  This week my wonderful hubby has been painting walls and trim for his son.  One morning Wesley walked in the room to see the progress and he said "This is gorgeous!! I LOVE it" 
If that doesn't make you feel good I don't know what will.

Have a wonderful weekend!!

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The Smittys said...

i totally get the dressing dilemmas! if i let elizabeth dress herself for school she would like a cross between madonna and cyndi lauper! the dressing chart sounds like a great idea!