Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What moves around your house at night?

This Saturday morning we got a little surprise in our kitchen.  Of course, I am there to document this so all!  When I woke up Saturday, from the couch in the den (I move there sometimes at night when I am restless) I found a nice black trail coming from under the end table (next to my head) going to the length of the kitchen.

At the end of the trail I found this...

To me at 7AM it was a black blob that was not there the night before. I can handle bugs and spiders but a black unexplainable blob...I think not.

So what does any good wife do?  I wake up hubby to investigate.  Of course, the kids over hear and join in the excitement. 

My hero, Collins, picks up the black blob to find out it is a F-R-O-G!!  Can you say GROSS???

Wesley was hot on the trail and found lots of markings around the den and kitchen...like on Dah's computer which was on top of the hearth. 

Our best theory... A frog got in the house, and climbed into the fireplace.  He must of been up there a while and finally dropped down. (A little reminder we need to clean out our fireplace this year) Then hopped around the perimeter of the den. Have I mentioned before this was RIGHT NEXT TO ME???? Then hopped into the kitchen where he took his last breath. Yes, it was dead when we found it. 

Too much excitement for one Saturday morning!!

Despite the dead frog in the kitchen we were still able to enjoy Overnight Cinnamon Rolls I made.  Let me just tell you --DELICIOUS!!  I was very proud of my homemade rolls. First, attempt was a total success.

It is always interesting in this house!!


Lauren said...

1. GROSS! I hate critters in the house. 2. I love how this is the intro into those delicious looking cinnamon rolls. 3. Send me the recipe. Loves!

Katie said...

Are those Alton Brown's cinnamon rolls? If so, aren't they Ah-mazing!??!