Thursday, September 2, 2010


Lawson's exact words when I asked about her first day. She had a blast.  I asked her if she learned anything, she said "no." That made me laugh.  She did bring home her first project and poem for us.  It was SO SWEET!! It is called "The Kissing Hand."  

I kept on asking her more questions but she was done.  Her 1st day was fantastic and that is all that matters.  Mom and Dad you will appreciate this. When I opened her lunch box....almost everything I packed was there just half eaten.  She said she was "too busy" to eat.  I wonder if her being busy has anything to do with WATCHING PEOPLE!!

Day two picture: 

(I promise I won't take a picture of her everyday. I am just still an excited mommy and I love the fact she LOVES to get dressed up everyday (without fighting)!!


The Smittys said...

Micah said he didn't learn anything either, when I asked him. Hilarious.

Bates family said...

From the heart of a kindergarten teacher: I'm SO glad she had a great first day! She doesn't know it, but she did learn something. :) She's learning to be a big girl who follows directions, to make new friends on her own, and to make her own decisions! To her it's nothing and to you it's EVERYTHING!! Congrats Maridith! You've done a great job so far!!

Lauren said...

So glad that she enjoyed her first day. Also, I don't mind if you take pictures of her each day of the year!

Oh, and today we took McKenna out to eat and she was people watching too! I could barely get her to eat her food. Oh no...