Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Lawson's First Homework Assignment

Lawson has finally gotten her first homework assignment.  I was VERY excited when I saw it was be as creative as we you want to be.  Her assignment was to design a child cut out to look like you, use whatever material you would like except food.  I let Lawson have full use of all my artsy stuff and here is Lawson 2.

Lawson 2 - Freckles and all!!

Lawson designed this ALL by herself.  I helped with the tracing but she cut everything out, glued it and drew all the details.  What impressed me most (and I didn't get a picture but I showed it to my mom) is before we started this project Lawson drew on another paper the process in designing her doll.
First she drew the face & hair, the shirt, the skirt, the shoes, the bow in the hair, the belt, the necklace, etc.  You get the idea and we had to go in order.  She would cross it off as she went.  She is so organized and meticulous (she did not get that from me.)  I was so impressed on her work ethic too. 

Here is Lawson with her first Homework Assignment.  I am so proud.  Lawson 2 has a blue sticker for getting dressed so nicely...(my chart is working)
Lawson and Lawson 2

I should mention that Lawson knows she has brown hair and it is short but she wishes she had long blonde hair like a princess.  So Lawson 2 got the long blonde hair.  Is that normal to already wish for at age 5 something you don't have?? 

Yay! For Homework Assignments.  I know I wil not be saying that in a couple of years but for now they are exciting and fun. Or my projects. Haha!


Anonymous said...

I just LOVE her homework creativity! Lawson has beautiful hair, but it wouldn't surprise me if she asks you to get it highlighted! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Lawson, what a very good Lawson 2 you made! I would give you a grade of 100 / A+!! Can't wait to see you and everyone this weekend.

LOL Pops

Lauren said...

Great job Lawson! You are so creative.

Enjoy homework, while it's still fun!