Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cailyn Meets the Grandparents

Cailyn’s arrival brought everyone to Raleigh!!  The day she was born Cailyn met all her Grandparents. It was so nice to have everyone around to welcome her to the world. As soon as they met her they were smitten!!

Dah checking out grandchild number 4!

Dah and Cailyn 013111

Nana and her newest granddaughter!!

Nana and Cailyn 013111

Grammy and Pops were so excited to meet Cailyn.DSC_0710

Our parents really helped us out BIG TIME!! While I was in the hospital it was reassuring knowing that my kids were in good hands at home. The kid’s schedules were not broken so this made for a smooth transition when I got home. THANK YOU to all the grandparents for helping us out!! We so appreciate your love and support!!

All the grandparents were at our home to greet Cailyn when she arrived home!


Nana and Dah getting Goodnight Kisses from the Grandkids!!


Thank you again.  We love you!!

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