Friday, February 25, 2011

Sister Time

A great way to incorporate tummy time for Cailyn and play time with Lawson is for the girls to play together.  It was so fun to see Lawson and Cailyn interacting together.  Lawson would show Cailyn her dolls latest outfit and Cailyn would just observe her every move.  Cailyn was very alert and actually seemed to enjoy her tummy time with her sissy.  Note to self:  wait for Lawson before attempting tummy time for Cailyn.

They seemed to be having their own conversation.DSC_1112

Lawson: “What do you think sis??”DSC_1113

Cailyn: “ how about the blue shirt instead?”DSC_1116

Lawson “you have excellent taste Cailyn.  Love you”DSC_1110

Don’t worry about Wesley not getting brother time.  He and his daddy were in his room having a wrestling match and I am pretty sure Wesley was winning.  That boy shows no mercy towards his daddy!!

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