Friday, February 11, 2011

Leaving the Hospital and Firsts

Wednesday Feb 2nd (her due date) we left the hospital.  It was a beautiful day and unseasonably warm.  Although, I was ready to go home and be with my family I will miss the luxuries of the hospital.  Like room service- which by the way the food at Rex is WONDERFUL!  We even got a meal for that evening as a parting gift.  So nice!
My mom stayed with me at the hospital and we had so much fun and it was kinda like a slumber party.  I know that is strange but our nights with Cailyn were not bad and we got to talk and talk about everything under the sun.  I love my mommy!
The time had arrived and it was time to go home.  Here we are ready to leave and take her home.
Our precious Cailyn Lea. 
Cailyn waiting for her first car ride!
Cailyn first time driving up to her home.
Can you tell she is excited?
First time in her bouncy seat.
Our neighbors were her first outside visitors.  Lawson is so proud of her baby sister!
The first morning at our home.
First bath…
First ride to the doctors
First time checking out her bedroom.  (BTW- she loves it)
Finally…the first time of many she will be disappointed by NCSU basketball.


Elizabeth said...

Ok, it is so not fair how good you look coming home from the hospital!

CharGrill said...

How SWEET! LOVE these photos! Glad to hear Rex takes such good care of Mommies! That is where I was born, ions ago. Of course, it is probably a lot nicer now! What great photos of your newly expanded family! Can't wait to meet her!

Jill said...

She is so beautiful! Love all the "first: pics! You have such a precious family - I can see the love! :)

Melissa said...

Ha! The first time being disappointed by NC State basketball made me laugh. Hinton and Elsbeth have learned that lesson too. Actually, I've had 32+ years of that lesson.

Cailyn is beautiful by the way!

Melissa M.