Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sick Bug–GO AWAY

Lawson came home from school Wednesday with a 102 fever and not feeling good at all.  Ugh!  I was afraid she had the flu but it appears to just be a virus. Daddy taking care of our sick patient!DSC_0986
Unfortunately,because there is a new baby (we want to keep Cailyn healthy) in the house Lawson has been quarantined to her room.  However, she is not hating life too much.  Look who temporarily has a TV in her room!!! And she is allowed to eat in her room.  Life isn’t too bad!
Please say a prayer that we all remain healthy and this sickness goes away as quickly as it arrived!!


Elizabeth said...

We're still battling...praying no one else gets it in either of our houses. Get well soon, Lawson!

Mommy said...
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Mommy said...

I hope that she gets well soon . . . and that everyone else stays healthy!

*I like the bedroom set-up with warm blankets, a TV, and room service. Sounds pretty nice to me! ;-)

The Smittys said...

we're still sick over here too! i pray it passes quickly from the fitts home! cailyn is beautiful!

CharGrill said...

Girl it's been going around all the households here at work too. I hope Lawson is feeling better very soon. Nice set-up she has there - can i come visit if i get sick ?!