Monday, February 28, 2011

Father Daughter Dance

This weekend our church hosted a Father/Daughter Dance.  I am pretty sure I was more excited then either of them initially!  I have great memories of my MC Father/Daughter Dance and I was excited that Lawson and Collins have the same opportunity.  Once the two parties (who were actually going to the dance got dressed up they were excited too!!)

Collins and Lawson all dressed up!


Daddy is ready to escort his princess to the dance!!DSC_1216

Lawson posing for us.  Most important element was the skirt can twirl!!




All ready for the ball dance.


One day Collins will have two princess to take to the dance. DSC_1227

The report back:  They had a lot of fun! However,  Lawson and Collins DID NOT win the dance contest.  Haha!! No fault of Lawson’s I am sure.


CharGrill said...

How fun!!! And how special for the two of them :)

CharGrill said...

And Lawson is beautiful in her dress - I love it!

gale said...

I am so excited they had this opportunity! Collins escorting his beautiful little princess daughter......priceless! I'm glad Holland's Church does this!!!

Mom and Grammy