Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Cailyn's 2 week Dr Appt.

Yesterday we had our 2 week doctor's appointment and everything is perfect! Cailyn's stats...
Weight: 8lbs 0oz- 45%
Length: 21" - 75%
Head: 35cm- 25%

What we have is a "long tall drink of water" as my Daddy Bob use to say to me!!

Cailyn started tummy time.  I love this picture.  I wonder what color her eyes are going to be?

 To give you an idea how tiny she is. 
 She was getting mad and started curling up- notice the feet have retracted in.

Love you sweet Cailyn!


CharGrill said...

She is beau-ti-ful!! Just like your other two...just like you :)

Lauren said...

Big girl! So proud of you Mar!