Sunday, August 24, 2008

My Girly Girl!

Lawson has been watching lots of Classic Cartoons recently, thanks to a DVD collection Nana and Dah gave her. She LOVES Popeye and Betty Boop. She now eats Spinach like Popeye (not so girly, but healthy at least.) What I wasn't expecting was for her to see the cover of the DVD and want to dress like Betty Boop- particularly the little red dress and shoes.

I remembered I had a red evening gown tucked away (I knew my rear-end would never get back into thanks to birthing two children) that was perfect for this occasion. To tell you how old this dress is I made this dress my senior year in high school (year not to be disclosed).

So off we went to play dress up. Lawson was not too thrilled that I couldn't find any red shoes (sorry I am not that cool Lawson). But she loved it all the same since she got to wear mommy's jewelry. Oh how much fun it is to have a girl!!

Note to Mamma II we are going to hit up your closet I want my princess in a real crown soon!!!

You look fabulous in red!!

Next thing you know she is going to dress up Wes! Watch out buddy!


Anonymous said...

Let's see a picture of you in the same dress next to Lawson. See why we don't throw anything away?
(Don't answer that.) Love, Mom KK

AveryGraceRay said...


Anonymous said...

How cute does she look?! I bet she is having a blast playing dress up! Now we need to find her some red shoes.

Love, L