Sunday, August 10, 2008

Uncle Ryan's Visit

Last week Uncle Ryan came to visit. The kids had such a good time during his short visit. After work we went to the pool and Ryan almost got Lawson to go off the diving board. She was a little bit intimidated but next year I don't think it will be an issue. Wes was his cool self and flirting with all of the ladies.

The next morning Lawson wanted to wake up Ryan. Ryan says we awoke to Lawson staring at him sucking her finger. A little startling I am sure. As fast as he got here was as fast as Uncle Ryan was gone. We do not see Ryan all that often but it makes me so happy that Lawson loves him so much!!

Ryan followed us out of the neighborhood and I rolled down the windows when we made our separate turns. Ryan was waving and so was Lawson. Well Lawson didn't like it that Uncle Ryan left and she didn't get to give him another hug and kiss. She cried the rest of the way to daycare. It was so sad but cute at the same time. Love you Uncle Ryan!!

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Elizabeth said...

So sweet that Lawson cried when Uncle Ryan left.