Monday, August 25, 2008

Weekend Pictures

If there is one thing sure in this world it is that Lawson LOVES her baby brother. It makes my heart sing to see this unfold in front of me (cause you know you always worry about that). She constantly recognizes his accomplishments and or milestones (sometimes more then we do). She will say "That is good talking Wes" or "Good job crawling, sweetheart." This weekend Wes was on the move and was pulling up on every surface available. Lawson got up from her nap to see Wes standing up in his playpen. Lawson said "Oh oh mommy, look at Wes, he is such a strong boy"

This is her telling Wes "good job buddy"

Wes is so proud of himself! We are proud of you too!!

The ultimate sign of Lawson's love is for her to suck her finger, touch your face or head and get real close. So Lawson get that finger out of your mouth!

Lawson is Wes's best cheerleader.

Lawson really does remind me so much of me as a child. She is so loving and so nurturing to her brother, much like I was to my brothers (to my sister, not so much when we were younger) but my brothers were special. I was like their 2nd mom. I can see Lawson being the same way to Wes!! What a special bond!

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Anonymous said...

What a great little helper you have! Way to go Wes for standing up on your own. I love the Lawson rubbing his (Mr. Clean) head.