Thursday, August 28, 2008

No special occasion needed

We don't need a special occasion to look good!! Lawson requested this morning to wear a dress to school. As you have seen from previous posts she LOVES to wear a dress and dress up. Normally I don't like her wearing dresses to school but it will soon be cold and these outfits will no longer fit next year. It dawned on me today as I was looking at all the beautiful summer dresses in her closet that most of them have been worn once or twice max! This morning I decided life is too short (and kids grow up way to fast) to keep clothes for a "special occasion" otherwise these clothes will just be collecting dust!!! Then one day I will go into her closet and say "this is so darn cute why didn't I let her wear this more?"

So here you have it Lawson all dressed up for school today!

One could argue-

1 What if you have another baby don't you want to save them?

A- No, I think hubby has said we are done.

2. You could sell them for good money?

A- Too much work and why not let my child enjoy them rather then another child

2. Save them for your sister or brother's kids?

A- I think my sister/ brother will be fine!

So there we have it. Lawson is going to start wearing "special occasion" clothes that are being stored away in her closet. To go with the perfect outfit we need the perfect accessory. Lawson is wearing a backpack full of hair bows!! Yes, I know they are purple and she is wearing navy blue. I let her choose her hair bows every morning and she LOVES purple! Go Lawson!


Elizabeth said...

That dress looks oddly familiar...haha! It looks great on her and I'm glad you are going with the no special occasion outlook. Maybe we'll take you as inspiration and eat dinner on the good china tonight.

AveryGraceRay said...

I agree. Life's too short. Let her wear them!

Um, let's not get all crazy now. There's no need to pull out fine china...HA!

Anonymous said...

I agree with the no special occasion clothes! She looks so precious. I also love the hair bows. How lucky you were to find all purple ones!


Mommy Fitts said...

Thank you E for your great taste in clothes!

I have to agree with Beth no need to go crazy and pull out the fine china!! But since you like doing dishes - why not!!