Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Lawson Talk

Our recent conversation... (if this doesn't make you laugh nothing will)

Lawson: Mommy when I was a baby I had a little thingy down there like Wes does.

Mommy: Say what?

Lawson: I had a little thingy like Wes does, but I am big now and don't have a thingy

Mommy: No honey, you are a girl, girls don't have thingys down there only boys do.

Lawson: Why?

{Thinking to myself...I don't know but if this conversation continues I am going to need a stiff drink!!}

We now understand (I think) the difference between boys and girls. Plus, she tells me there are 3 boys in our house and two girls. Good stuff!


Jill said...

That is the funniest thing I have heard in a very long time. Thanks Lawson for providing great comic relief this morning! Maridith you have your hands full! Good Luck!

Elizabeth said...

So funny! I love 'Lawson Talk'! She always cracks me up. Must have been fun for you to figure out how to respond to her questions.

AveryGraceRay said...

Hilarious! Avery told me Daddy has a tail. I just laughed. she'll be confused forever now. HA!

That really cracks me up.

It's pretty impressive that she thought that through logically to come up with the conclusion that she just outgrew hers. She's a smart one!! Love her!

Anonymous said...

So, what was your explanation for the "WHY" question???? Did Collin approve of your reply??

Your blogg is the make my day!!
Love you,

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness!! I would have liked to have seen your face when she said this. Just another day in the Fitts household! Hahaha!



Mommy Fitts said...

My answer back to Lawson is a blur. I wish I could tell you what exactly I said. I was a little shell-shocked! I can tell you that Lawson has added more adjectives to it she now says "the little sticky thingy" Great!! And we have way more conversations about boy and girl parts then I thought we ever would at this age. I am so naive.

Beth- that is hilarious that Avery thinks it is a tail. I bet your hubby loves that! haha!