Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Can't expect everything to be perfect!

If you were to ask Wes how this week has been he would probably say "rough." Why you ask...remember when I said Wes had a high fever when he woke up from his second nap? I really thought it was his teeth because besides his fever he never acted differently except wanting to sleep a lot more!! Well, that high fever came back Tuesday night. Yesterday evening he also started getting gunky eyes and then a sleepless night last night I decided a doctor's appointment was on our "to do list."

The good news is- no ear infection. The bad news is it is a sinus infection that settled into his chest. Yuck!! So now we are on good ole' antibiotics. After one dose & a HUGE blowout Wes is already showing signs of improvement! Going to bed he wanted to play "tip Wes over" so I know by tomorrow he will be as good as new!!

For anyone who knows Lawson, Lawson was very concerned about Wes and was very upset she couldn't go to the doctors with him!! Such a sweet sister!


Anonymous said...

Lawson is such a sweet sister. Wes is a lucky fellow to have such a devoted sis!

G & P

Elizabeth said...

Poor little guy! I hope the meds knock it out quickly.