Wednesday, October 22, 2008


This morning Lawson and I had yet another moment on what she was going to wear. It started out great. She got on her new jeans and new shirt and looked adorable. Well, not 5 minutes later she told me "I don't like these jeans they are too big." The shirt she had on was pink and black and the only other pants she had that would match was in the dirty laundry. I knew she had only worn them for a couple hours the day before (I know stop cringing) so they couldn't be that dirty! Right? While she was looking for her black shoes I tried to sneak them out of the dirty laundry. Guess what? I am not as quick as I use to be- I got BUSTED and this was our conversation.

Mommy- Lawson why don't you wear these black pants today?

Lawson- Did you wash them?

Mommy {crap}- I did. {trying my best not too laugh}

Lawson- Why did you put clean pants in the dirty laundry hamper?

Mommy- {Lost it laughing}- I don't know why

Lawson- We can't wear dirty clothes to school!!

Mommy- {double crap, I just got busted}

Lawson- Mommy why don't you wash them today so I can wear them tomorrow.

Mommy- {yes dear}

Lawson is my VERY OBSERVANT ONE!! She doesn't miss a beat!!

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Jennifer said...

I love this story! So funny!