Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Sunday Fun!

Lawson and Wes ready for church

Wes excited that he looks so handsome!

Lawson in her jewlery!

The full outfit on Wes. Watch out Ralph Lauren and Polo I think you have a new model!!

Sunday, daddy went to the Panthers Game in Charlotte, NC with his work buddies. They were in the company box with free food and drinks! Pretty sweet deal! But once again it was just me and the kids on the weekend. We all woke up early with daddy so later that morning I took the kids to church. I was so proud of myself to get them dresses (so cute), out the door and in Sunday school class with out a fight!

Then I took them out to lunch. Nothing special just Wendy's but I have been having Wendy's withdrawal. I use to go to Wendy's at least 3 times a week when I worked (bad I know)! I was planning on getting the Spicy chicken sandwich but they have these new Chicken sandwiches Called Dippers (I think) and they have Buffalo. It was awesome!! Hopefully it will be there a while. Go try it if you like spicy food!! It is just like the buffalo chicken sandwiches you get at TGI Friday or Ruby Tuesday. Really good!!

After nap time I met up with a friend who's husband was also at the football game. This also happens to be Wes's girlfriend Katie. They had so much fun on the swings and playing in the mulch (or fiber for Wes) Those pictures when I get to my other computer!

It was a fun full day although we missed Daddy.


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! Wes is just too cute all dressed up! He just loves to have his picture taken! Lawson is Miss Fashion as always. I think she gets it from her mother!

Anonymous said...

The kids look so cute. Will wants to know when we will get to y'all?