Saturday, October 4, 2008


Lawson is normally a wonderful "sharer" with other children. We normally never have that issue with Lawson except on a rare occasion. (Of course, now that I am saying this watch us go through a nasty spell.) Well, Lawson has decided to take it upon her self to teach Wes early some lessons on sharing. What I didn't expect was this...
Lawson wearing Wes's pants!!! She told me "Wes needs to share and that they were her capris!"
Wes in his pants- now "sharing" Lawson's naked doll!!
No, she didn't take them off of him. They were on the changing table while he was jetting around the floor that evening. The shocker to me was that my 'string bean' daughter could fit into size 12 month pants. They were tight but she could pull them up. Crazy!! I guess in these economic times it might be a good thing they can share some clothes. Haha!!


Anonymous said...

Two smart children! She goes for his pants, but he won't let her get anything over on him.....thus he grabs her doll!!!!!

Elizabeth said... cute! I'm behind, but I'll catch up with you this week.