Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Cailyn is 1 Month Old


I can not believe Cailyn is already one month old.  Wow!

One small dilemma of having a birthday on the 31st not every month will she have a monthly birthday, so on the months without 31st I will do her monthly posts on the 1st.  Also, I will stop doing weekly updates (so I don’t bore you!)

Let me see if I can tell you anything new about Cailyn…

1. She lost her umbilical cord this weekend.

2. Cailyn sleeps 5.5-6 hours the first stretch of the night and then 3-4 hours (or until I wake her up because we have eat before we leave for our hike to school)

3.  She has more “awake” time during the day.  We love seeing her bright eyes!

4. I have packed away the Newborn clothes (sniff, sniff) she is now is 0-3months.  She is so long the Newborn clothes were restricting her from straightening out her legs. 

5. I am proud to say Cailyn has not had a drop of formula in her first month of life.  This go around nursing has been a peaceful and pleasant experience rather then torture!!

Other things I want to mention before I forget…

I got the best compliment from my Grandmother the other day.  I was telling her that Cailyn is such an easy baby and it must be the third child!  She said “Now Maridith, I am going to tell you like my doctor told me when I had my third. The baby isn’t a better baby, maybe you are just a better mother!”  I like to think so but there is always room for improvement.

I also have to pause and thank everyone who helped make the transition from 2-3 kids so smooth.  This first month could have been CRAZY, but with the loving help of family, food from friends, and thoughts and prayers we have transitioned beautifully.  We are so grateful for your (you know who you are) generosity and kindness.  We have been so blessed !!  Thank you!

That is it from here. Gotta feed my hungry little girl!!


Elizabeth said...

1 month already! She's too cute!

Donna Wright said...

She looks just like Wesley in this picture!