Sunday, March 13, 2011

Attempting Normal

On Friday Lawson had early release from school and I decided to take the kids on a special treat!  We received free Krispy Kreme Donut coupons for Valentine’s Day and they were about to expire so off we went. Alone, I took 3 kids to downtown Raleigh for some yummy goodness to hopefully mask how nervous I was.  Sweets seem to help me calm my nerves.  I am happy to report this kids were AWESOME!! We had our free donut, got our free hats and pencils and made our first adventure out for the 4 of us a success.Wesley at Krispy Kreme

Lawson watching them make donuts. 

Lawson at Krispy Kreme

I didn’t get a picture of Cailyn but I promise she was there (my camera phone died on me.)

On a mommy note: I have often been appalled at how rude people are when they see you with two kids and DO NOT open a door for you or stop while are trying to cross a parking lot.  Well, apparently you need THREE kids to get people to be polite.  I was pleasantly surprised that the door was opened for me twice.


We made it to church for the first time since Cailyn was born. Yippee! We were even on time! Everyone did fabulous getting ready and there was no arguing or fussing.  I am not sure about your family but sometime getting ready for church is nothing less then CRAZY.  Today, it was wonderful.  The kids had fun at Sunday school and Cailyn was great during the service.  

It feels good to attempt normal- whatever that may be.


gale said...

What a wonderful treat for the kids! Mommy too seeing them have so much fun! KK Donuts, YUMMY! The pics are awesome!


Katie said...

Hang in there with the outings with 3. Practice doesn't make perfect, but will make you more confident. ;) Have you started getting the "Wow- you have your hands full!" comments yet? If not, they're coming!

CharGrill said...

Way to go brave woman! You are amazing - you can do anything - no worries! And oh, how I miss Krispy Kreme doughnuts, fresh off the "line".... Our KK closed here several years ago... :(