Thursday, March 31, 2011

Cailyn is 2 Months Old

Look who is 2 months old?? My sweet baby girl!  Oh, how I love you!


Cailyn is my little rock star so I thought I would dress her appropriately.


A little about what Cailyn is up to these days.

- She wakes up once a night and one night she went from 9-4:30 YIPPEE!

- She still loves to be held, swaddled, or worn. 

- Her smile will melt your heart and make you forget about all of your worries


- We are starting to find some nick names for her.  I am starting to call her Cai-Cai said like KK. Which is funny because that is what my mom is called KK and Cailyn’s middle names comes from my mom as well.  The kids call her “Cutie Cailyn”


Cailyn’s sweet little (LONG & SKINNY) feet are always as cold as ice cubes.  Very much so like her Nana (my mom)! 


She enjoys tummy time. (No kidding) However, she will be enjoying it so much that sometimes she will just fall asleep. 


The kids absolutely ADORE Cailyn and are the biggest helpers.  DSC_1462

Wesley is the trash boy.  He throws away dirty diapers.

Lawson is the calmer, she helps sooth Cailyn if when she is having a crying spell!


Happy 2 months Cailyn.  We are loving watching you grow but as I told the other two kids before you “slow down” but you probably won’t listen just like them!!  We love you.

Stats will be filled in on Monday April 4th. 

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