Tuesday, March 8, 2011

1 Month Stats

Last week we went to the doctors and I forgot to write about her stats.  I guess between me battling a terrible sinus infection (I am happy to say I am feeling better and I can smell again) and the yeast infection caused by the antibiotics in Cailyn’s mouth and rear end I have been distracted.  I have never been on an antibiotic while nursing and didn’t realize the adverse reaction it can cause on a baby.  What a pain!!  I am happy to report as of this morning Cailyn’s thrush and diaper rash are showing great signs of improvement!  Yeah!


Back to the stats:

Weight: 8lbs 13.5oz 30%

Length: 21.5”  65%

Head: 36cm  25%

We are growing great!

We are starting to see her bright eyes more and more and starting to get some smiles.  I am not quick with the camera but her is a partial smile!!


Cailyn and I had a photo shoot the other day for her birth announcements.  Here is one shot that did not make the birth announcement but I just love!! 



Elizabeth said...

Glad to hear the thrush and your sinus infection are getting better. Sweet Cailyn is definitely a Fitts! It was so good to see you guys this weekend!

CharGrill said...

She is beautiful! I hope you both continue to get better!