Monday, March 21, 2011

Call it like I see it…


I am an idiot!

No, I am not trying out for the Blue Man’s Group this is my mishap with some nasty medicine called Gentian violet. 

I have a LONG history of not putting the lid on things. Normally it is someone else who picks up the unclosed bottle and is cursing my name because they have just spilled laundry detergent or orange juice every where because I did not close the lid properly.  Oops! 

Friday, I was the victim and boy did I pay the price.  This stuff STAINS!  It was EVERYWHERE!!

I ruined a pair of jeans, a bath mat, and my tile grout is now a constant reminder of my accident.  As I type this 3 days later my fingers are still blue!  Ugh!!

I had to laugh at myself because it really is my own fault. This is why I have this sign in my house “Keep Calm and Carry On”

***I figure I am always embarrassing my kids on here I need to show myself in some embarrassing moments too!!


Lauren said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!!! You've been attacked! I have to say from being on the receiving end of your "habit" I'm glad you got a taste of your own medicine! HAHA. Also, I love streak of purple that starts at your neck and goes 'below!' Oh man.....

Mommy said...

Oh girlfriend! Kudos to you for keeping your sense of humor. Sometimes all you can do is laugh, right? ;-)