Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Baby Legs–Let’s Get Physical


This weekend it got warm enough for Cailyn to sport a NC State onsie that I made her before she was born. As a true girl she had to accessorize with some matching Baby Legs.  OMG, I LOVE THESE!!! Her skinny legs didn’t even begin to fill them up, but  I am pretty sure it doesn’t get any cuter. 


Karen, you were right, only a NC State fan can appreciate Baby Legs like these!!  Thanks!

Olivia Newton John

For some odd reason while Cailyn was wearing these Baby Legs I had Olivia Newton John’s song “Let’s Get Physical” running through my head!!  I love that song!!


Mommy said...

OH MY WORD!!! That is the cutest thing . . . and the perfect colors!

*Hope that everyone is healthy and recovered! Let's try to get together sometime soon . . . maybe a Wed morning when the big folks are at school?!? :-)

CharGrill said...

So cute - that song started running through my head when I read your title?

Ok sewing Momma, I would love to think that I could be as cool as you and make some outfits for when my baby comes. The question is, is there a machine out there that even I can figure out?! What do you use?

CharGrill said...

sorry, didn't mean to leave a "?" after my first comment. supposed to be a "!"

Donna Wright said...

That is the cutest thing ever! Love her!!!!