Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I will survive!!

That’s the song I have running through my head right now.  I probably should be praying but right now I am just singing! 

Why you ask?  Let me tell you… when everything seems to be going smoothly…it was just a mirage. 

I am in the shower Cailyn is fed, happily laying in her bouncy seat as we are preparing to go to our first MOPS meeting since I had Cailyn.  (I couldn’t make it 2 weeks ago because I was sick.)  Then Lawson comes in saying her tummy hurts.  Next thing I know she has thrown up everywhere in her bathroom.  I run in there…too late as she has tried to clean up the mess and puts all of the toilet paper in the toilet and flushes it…Now the toilet is overflowing.  CRAP!

Then Wesley wakes up while all this is happening saying he has to go potty…and I notice his pants are wet.  Double crap.

Then to get the full picture Cailyn starts WAILING!!  Triple Crap.

Okay, what do you deal with first?  The crying baby, the over-flowing toilet, the throw-up, or the pee???  TAKE YOUR PICK!!!

I will survive…right?DSC_1063

**Pardon me while I vent!

***Lawson seems to be fine and enjoying movies in her room right now!


Elizabeth said...

Oh No! I'm so sorry. Yes, you will survive...and hopefully no one else gets Lawson's sickies.

The Smittys said...

oh dear! i have definitely been there! praying for you in this hard time. hope it all passes quickly!

Mommy said...

Doesn't it always work that way? Just when things are going smoothly (and you think to yourself that everything is grand!), it all falls apart! Probably God's way of keeping us humble and dependent on him. ;-)

*And, yes - you will survive!

Let me know if there's anything that I can do to help . . .

CharGrill said...

So sorry Maridith -- everything was swell in your previous post : ( Hope the day has gotten better for you!!! You will survive - you are super Mom!!

Wolfpacker's Angel said...

You are a supermom.