Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

You better have a nice aroma!! Per the request of Lawson.

Sunday we went out to get the family Christmas tree and on the way there Lawson says "We are going to get a Christmas Tree with a wonderful aroma." Nice words Lawson!!

At the Tree Farm

Mommy and her baby, I mean big boy!!

Picture complements of Lawson. Just noticed there is a Port-a-potty in the background!! Nothing says Christmas like a Port-a-potty!!

We found the perfect tree daddy!!

Time to string up these silly lights. This is hard work!!
Lawson got the honor of putting on the Christmas Angel. When I was a kid we would all fight to put on the tree topper! It didn't matter how tall we were we still wanted to get on our dad's shoulders to do the honor!
Daddy's Helper...he is with him every step of the way!

Wesley had the honor of putting on the first ornament. Which he took on and off 20 times!!

Wesley saying "Ho-ho-ho"

Ta-da! The Lights and the Pearls are on!! Time to decorate!!

Decorating the tree was a success. Only one broken ornament...so far!
And Yes, our tree has a wonderful aroma!!


Anonymous said...

Memories and traditions are such wonderful things.....

Love, Pops

Lauren said...

Look at Fancy Nancy coming through again for Lawson's vocab. Will and I are still cracking up about the picture with the port-a-potty. The Christmas tree is looking good. The kids look like they had so much fun decorating.

I have fond memories of crying over not being able to put the angel on the Christmas tree.

gale said...

Oh, ya'll look like you had such good family fun! Lawson and Wes look so excited about the tree! There is always something magical about the tree!

Jennifer said...

love all of the christmas pictures!