Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas Round 2

The weekend after Christmas my parents came down to celebrate Christmas with our family.  Oh the kids were excited to open presents again!

Lawson helping Wesley opening presents.  He was not too thrilled with her help!!

Lawson received a digital Barbie Camera from Aunt Lauren and Uncle Will.  She is now like her mommy...she doesn't go anywhere without her camera. I will download some of her pictures soon!

Wesley just being cute!! His funny moment of the morning:  Lawson was not acting her best and she and I got into a little battle of the wills (saying it nicely) well as we got a little louder Wesley stands in the middle of us puts out his hands like he is trying to separate a fight and says "Stop guys, stop!!"  That helped lighten the mood!

Lawson getting some extra love from Nana!

Wesley got a new tractor and said "Cool"

Then as soon as he would get a gift he would say to Dah "Open that Dah, Open that!!"  Dah was very busy all morning

Cooking is not a womens job in this house. Collins got a new Bunt Pan (ours was bent/eaten by our dog Chewy).  He was very excited!

Then the kids got a new microwave.  Wesley was thrilled!! He now doesn't have to make the beeping noise any more and this spins in order to cook the food more evenly! Big plus!!

And lack of patients is apparently genetic...look at his face waiting for food!!

Thank you Mom, Dad, Lauren, Will and Uncle Ryan for all of our wonderful gifts!! 

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M. Lail said...

I don't know when I've seen Collins so happy. Congrats on the bunt pan, my man!