Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas Baking

Christmas is not complete in this home until someone makes Sugar Cookies...per my husband. So Christmas evening we made Christmas cut-out cookies.  Cut out cookies was not a tradition in my home growing up but it will be in my childrens' home.  Grammy and Lawson showed us how it was done!!

Don't forget about little guy.  He had an important job to pick out the cut-outs.

Then we got to decorate. Someone was caught red handed stealing some toppings...not mentioning any names...

Everyone got to decorate a cookie or 2.  So much fun!

I bet you can pick out the kids cookies!

Final Results- YUMMY YUMMY!!

A wonderful yummy tradition to start in our family!! I think it is a hit!!

I have some catching up to do on blog is already 2010 and I am still posting about Christmas!!

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