Saturday, December 19, 2009

Little Bit of This and That

Going Vintage:  Wesley is wearing a sweater that I believe belonged to one of my brothers.  Oh he looked so handsome!! Lawson is ready to go to school!
Lawson Talk #1:
One night for dinner we ate Holiday Spaghetti.  It is a much loved recipe from my Grandmommy.  This is Lawson and my conversation:

L: This is a delicious meal mom!
M: Thank you, this recipe is from your Great Grandmother the one who lives in Arizona.
L: Does she eat it everyday?  She should it is so good.
M: I don't think she eats it every day but when we went to her house she use to fix it for us
L: Well, it is wonderful....When are we going to fly on a plane to go and see her?

Lawson Talk #2
Mommy, why does Wesley talk so much now?  I liked him better when he didn't talk so much.

Lawson Talk #3
Mommy, God and Jesus are watching out over Aunt Lauren you don't need to worry!!
(Lauren had to drive home from work in 8" of snow Sat morning)


The Thompsons said...

lauren will be lucky if they let her leave...sometimes they make you stay there and sleep so you will be there in case the hospital needs help!

Anonymous said...

Tell Lawson that Grandmommy hasn't had Holiday Spaghetti in a very long time. They don't know how to make any kind of spaghetti here that I like. Lawson,, I wish you would get on a plane and come to Arizona. Love Grandmommy

Anonymous said...

Shellie says - Grandmommy should have had dinner with us last Wednesday night because we had Holiday Spaghetti!