Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Mommy the Unsung Hero!

Okay, so maybe Denny needs some landing instructions "DO NOT PARK YOURSELF ON A LIGHT BULB!!" Or you will burn your leg off!

I thought about it and my fellow readers (all 3 of them) are right. I need to fix Denny's leg or there is a REALLY good chance I will get one of these looks from a little girl named Lawson.
Or scar my children forever!
Mommy to the rescue! Denny is as good as new!
Kind of, so we will never forget his battle wound (mommy's stupidity) I left a small reminder.
Oh the things I do for these kids!! They have no idea!!


Lauren said...

You are such a good mom. Denny is back to new. Of course you know that Lawson will notice and inquire about burn mark on his leg.

gale said...

Three cheers for mommy for saving the day! Of course Denny can have a close call coming in and out of a hot fireplace or too close to a tree! Denny should be more careful doing Santa's duties!
You are the best mom of the season!

Happy Grammy