Thursday, March 4, 2010

Encouragement and Support

That is what friends are for! This week my friend, Jill, from college wrote a post about Diapers/Potty Training and asking for advice. In her post she mentioned me and how I have successfully potty trained Wesley at the young age of 2. It was such an honor that a friend thinks I did something well and would like my advice.

Sure, I will offer my advice, I have some to give. My friend Elizabeth also gave her advice as well! She is much better read then me and can give you stats and everything! She is always an awesome resource for me!!

It really got me thinking, Jill is on the right track.  Blog land is not only to show what are children/family are up too, brag on our kids (yes, I am proud of my kids and I am not scared to tell people,) but to ask for our friends’ advice and support. Lots of us are in the exact same circumstances, or will be soon enough. Why not lean on our friends?

I will be the FIRST to tell you I do not have all the answers. My mothering technique is the example of being raised by great parents and“Trial and Error.” I truly try my best but do not have everything right, and Lord knows, I pray for help every night!!

There are two areas that I struggle with and could use some advice…

1) My daughter, 4.5 years old, almost in kindergarten, sucks her finger (kinda like a thumb sucker just uses her index finger)

2) My son, 2 years 2 month, is potty trained, yet still uses a pacifier at naptime and night time.

Are these situations ideal? No. Do I wish to change this? You bet.
This list can go on but these are two examples were somehow I missed the boat on correcting these “no-no’s.” I too can use some advice on how to fix these issues. BTW, ANY ADVICE would be greatly appreciated!!

I feel so blessed (for lots of reasons) but on this blog, I seem to have a steady group of people following this blog. People who seem to really care to see what we are up too, see how fast our kids are growing, and sometimes think I have something insightful to say. I would hope that those people looking at my blog, look with encouraging and supportive hearts.  If not, please stop reading!!

As mothers we are in this together.  So my friends, let’s continue to encourage each other, give advice, and support one another on this journey of motherhood- which by the way is a lifetime effort :)




Andrew and Zachary's Mommy said...

To break Andrew of pacifiers we used Operation: Reindeer Binkies (see December 24, 2007) blog post. This worked like a charm for Andrew. He was 2 years 8 months when we did this. It may work better to wean off naptime first and then bedtime. It might be too much to try and get rid of the binkie at both times.

PS. Andrew did find a binkie that Santa left behind and started using it at night. We finally put our foot down and told him to trash it. We gave him the "You're a big boy now" excuse and it was good enough. He was over 3 at the time he found it.

Good Luck!

We have a thumb sucker with Zachary. I may be looking to you for advice, but right now I love watching him suck his thumb. Hopefully he'll grow tired of the thumb and stop on his own. Wishful thinking? Probably.

Jennifer said...

You are a great mommy and I know you are proud of your kids and you should be! Who isn't proud of their kids, ya know!? You do a great job...don't you think different. I want to hear stories, tid bits about Wes and Lawson...they are dear to me!

Just an idea...for the pacifiers...

Easter is right around the corner. You could tell Wes that the Easter bunny is coming and that he will leave a basket full of candy, etc. if he leaves the pacifiers for him. Silly, huh? :)

Maridith said...

Thank you Amy for your advice!! I might try with the nap time first then bed time. It took Wesley so long to sleep through the night that I too have become dependent on the pacifier as my assurance he will sleep!!
I will let you know how it goes!!

Maridith said...

Jenn, that is great advice and on the same train of thought as Amy. I think I am going to try that!

Thank you for your sweet words!!

Elizabeth said...

No advice from me on this one...We're only 9 months into the thumb sucking, so I haven't done my research yet hahaha!

On the paci, I've heard similar things as Amy and Jennifer suggested. Another I've heard is to pack them up to give to a new baby...maybe baby cousin could use them?

Lauren said...

The suggestions that the other moms gave about the pacifier are along the same lines as what I was going to say.

Now, as far as the finger sucking goes...
I am a recovering thumb sucker myself so I can empathize with Miss. Lawson. I know that Mom and Dad tried a couple things to 'encourage' me to stop, but those failed. So my only advice is to wait until "she" wants to quit. She is going to be going to kindergarten in the fall and she may make the decision then to stop. Also, when she is 5 years old she will have the self control to do it herself. Or if she expresses the desire right now you can explore mouth guard options from your pediatric dentist (this option can be quite pricey, because it will fall off and there is usually a charge to re-cement them in each time). She still has all of her primary teeth so I wouldn't begin to worry too much until she starts loosing those. Her mouth and palate are still growing, and most likely she will need orthodontic work so I wouldn't fret yet.

It can be frustrating, but continue to be positive and encourage her to be a part of the solution too. Ultimately it will start with her because well it's her finger. Ha!

BTW- I was 5 when I stopped.

John Nicole and AJ Hall said...

This blog is PERFECT timing! I have been thinking about you and potty training-as I am (and I think AJ is) ready to start AJ on potty training soon. I'm going to pick up that book to read it. He has been asking to pee before bath time for months now, so we have been putting him up to the potty already, but other than that he isn't anywhere near potty training.

You are doing an amazing job! I love reading your blog and seeing how your family is doing. I have a great deal of respect for you as a mother and wish I am half the mommy you are! You have two of the most beautiful children in the world!

I don't have any advice for the pacifier and finger sucking--AJ never took to either when he was a small baby. I heard it is easier to break a toddler that can understand from the pacifier then a younger toddler, but I haven't had any experience with it. I think you are in good shape with Wes that he is only on the pacifier during sleep times. I see 5 year olds walking around the mall with pacifiers and I imagine it's much harder for their parents to break them from the pacifier!