Monday, March 8, 2010

Visit with Nana and Dah

Nana and Dah visited us this weekend.  As always it was too short of a trip but we had a good time!  

As soon as they arrived Nana and Lawson started playing dress up!! Wesley was right there with them!!

Saturday Nana and I went to a consignment sale at my church and scored some great clothes for the kids.  While we were gone Dah was incharge of the kids (Collins was at a family funeral.) Oh the stories we heard when we got home! Too funny!!

Wesley loves to sit and watch "Funny Pug Videos" I think he could do that all day!!
(Sorry every picture of him is without pants! The boy will not wear pants at home)

Fun times with Nana and Dah!! Thank you mom and dad for coming down to visit and all the gifts!! We love you!!

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