Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Not my son?

It wasn't my son that was moved up from the baby room to the big kid room this week because they thought he was 3!!

It wasn't my son who went into timeout at MOPPETS for throwing toys at his friends.

Not the boy who says "Oh no, something happened!" while shaking fiercely a container of glitter all over the carpet.

Or the boy who desides "I want milk NOW" and proceeds to OPEN the refridge, pull out the BRAND new gallon of milk, take off the top, and carry it across the kitchen.

Finally, it wasn't my son whom they said "He doesn't listen well does he?"

I mean because if it was...
I would wonder who is mother was!


Anonymous said...

And the free spirit emerges.....

love, Pops

Lauren said...

No doubt who Mr. Independent belongs to! I love him so much.