Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Smooth Talker

Wesley loves to taunt his sister to the point she is going to lose it, but then he says "I love you sissy, I love you, can I have a hug?"

I hurt myself the other day and it brought me to my knees.  He said "Mommy whats wrong? Don't cry, mommy.  I will take care of you."

The best one is  when he  knows he is not listening and about to get in trouble and he will out of the blue say "You look nice, mommy"  or throws in a compliment "I like your shirt, mommy!

Forewarning Ladies: He is not only cute but a smooth out!!

1 comment:

Lauren said...

He is a smooth talker! I believe both of your kids are. Where did they get it from because most of the time you just end up sticking your foot in your mouth! Hahaha.... I can say that because I'm your sister!