Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Going Vintage

Have I told you how hip our family is? Well, we are cutting edge over here!  You know how the hip thing is "Going Vintage" well check this out...

 It doesn't get more "vintage then this.

The stoller was Pops' (Collins' Dad) old stroller.  This sucker is O-L-D and not because it was Pops as a child, it was an antique when he was strolled around in it. It actually is a great stroller and is has a very smooth ride still. 

Do you think I would get some strange looks taking this stroller to the park? 

That is the great things about kids...they don't care how they look.  As long as they are having fun that is all that counts. 

Who needs baby dolls when you have a little brother!

That's all folk!!


Lauren said...

Cool kids, and cool stroller. That's amazing that it still works so well too.

gale said...

These pics mean so much to me! I love seeing my grandchildren using this stroller! This stroller was passed on to Collins from Fitts for his first birthday. I love that you are keeping it safe! Can you see YOUR grandchildren playing with it one day??????