Friday, March 19, 2010

Get Rid of Pacifier- Mission Complete

Guess who dropped his pacifier this week??  Yep, Wesley!!

I wish I could say I "Super Mommy" had everything to do with it, but he actually did it all by himself. 

Saturday night I was putting him to bed and he had his pacifier between his teeth and pulling on it.  He pulled on it enough and it made a big hole.  He told me "Mommy this broke it don't work."  I explained he put a hole in it and it was broken and needed to be thrown away.  His response "Go to store and buy me a new one?"   What two year old says that???

After biting my tongue so I didn't laugh at him, I explained to him that was not an option and he needed to throw it away. To my surprise he went to the trash can and threw it away! That's was it! No more pacifiers and he slept through the night!

We've had a little trouble settling in for nap time and night time but he hasn't even asked for his pacifier.  How easy is that???

Hopefully we don't regress.  Amy mentioned that is a possibility.  If he does I will personally put the hole in it myself (because I am nice like that.)

Great Job Wesley! I am so proud of you!!

Also, thank you to out there who commented on my Encouragement and Support Post!! You guys are the best!!

Now I need to work on Lawson!!


Anonymous said...

Way to go Wes!!....quit "cold turky" are "the man"!!

Love, Pops

andrewsmommy said...

Wow! Way to go Wes! I'm glad the pacifiers are behind you. Hopefully there aren't any "hidden" around the house.

Lauren said...

YAY Wesley! What a big boy. Love you.

Jennifer said...

Great job Wes! What a big boy you are! So proud of you!