Friday, March 26, 2010

Photo Shoot with Lawson

At my last MOPS meeting we had a guest speaker talk to us about Photography.  (I love photography and if I had more time I would take a few classes.) There were a couple points she touched on and I decided to try them out with the perfect subject...Lawson

She said the best pictures are the ones without big "cheese" on the kids face (I totally agree)

Kids just being themselves... (not quite, but she is a ham)

I worked on changing out my settings and lighting...this one is really good.

One of my favorites.  I love her hands in this picture.  I love that I was able to capture how she holds her hands and how she still sometimes has a baby belly!!

Then I got her feet.  She is my Flip-flop girl!

Then with a little doctoring up...this one is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE...
All I can say is WOW! Thank you to the lady who spoke at MOPS it was SO HELPFUL!!


gale said...


What special pictures of Lawson! Your favorite is mine too! She can certainly pose!


CharGrill said...

Nice photos Maridith, you're good! I like them all, but especially the black and white - very nice!

Jill said...

Beautiful pictures!

Lauren said...

I love the pictures. Lawson is so beautiful.