Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Year's Eve Party

Happy New Years!!  This year we decided to bring in the new year with Oyster Roast!  Everything was perfect except the rain, the 5o'clock news missed on seeing!  Oh Well, the party must go on!

Some of the best moments of the nights were watching the children. I missed out on taking a picture of all the children but we had a total of 10 children here.  I think they all had so much fun!

About 9PM it stopped raining.  Then the pary moved outside.  Wesley loved the idea of playing outside in the dark!

The Oyster Roast.  The Oysters were wonderful!  Even people who do not like orsters normally thought they were yummy!! Must be the new pot we got after our last oyster roast!

The Master Cook! 

The guest of honor was Donna and Baker! They came all the way from FL for our oyster roast. Just kidding!  It was so wonderful to see them!

The life saver for me was having my mom here for the party!  She was such a help with watching the children.  Thank you mom!!
Daddy and Wesley New Years Eve!
I am such a lucky girl!! I have some wonderful freinds.       

I think the party was a success!!   Everyone enjoyed themselves!! From big to, to the small to the unborn!

Britian the Party Girl!
Happy New Years!!



Lauren said...

We are making the next oyster roast. Glad it was a blast. Happy New Year.

Elizabeth said...

We had fun...hopefully next year the A's can make it and we can stay a little longer. Thanks for having us!

M. Lail said...

A GREAT time was had by all (Lails).