Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Baby McKenna is Here!!

I hate to post about my sister's baby before she has a chance too...but she is busy!

I am proud to say yesterday I became and Aunt! My sister had her baby girl "McKenna Lea" on Jan 12th, around 4:30PM and she weighs 7lbs 11oz! 

Yesterday was also my sister's birthday! What a great birthday present!

Dear McKenna,
27 years ago when your mommy was born and I was not so sure I wanted a little sister, but they told me she was here to stay.  Your mommy can tell you stories how I was not exactly always the sweet Aunt you will grow to love. However, your mommy has grown to be my very best friend and my confidante.  She is the best woman, sister, wife, and now mother I know!  You are one lucky little girl to be apart of such a loving family! 

I promise to be the best aunt I possibly can.  Your mommy has been such a wonderful example for 4.5yrs to Lawson and Wesley.  Unlike how I felt about your mommy 27 years ago, I have loved you since I knew you existed (which was really early on.)  I can't wait to hold you and kiss you!!! Yesterday you made your entrance on your mommy's birthday and it reminds me that our Birthing Day is also to celebrate the woman that gave birth to us!!

Mom, thank you for having Lauren 27 years ago!!

Lauren, thank you for blessing us with sweet baby McKenna!!

We love you both SO MUCH!! 

Happy Birthday!



Jennifer said...

Yea...she's here! Congrats Lauren! Maridith...that was the sweetest post made me cry! :)

John Nicole and AJ Hall said...

Aww Maridith--you are the best sister a woman can ask for! I want to say thank you for always giving us a hard time when Lauren complained about our curfew in high school and college, think of the trouble we could have gotten ourselves into!

I'm so proud and happy for Lauren and Will. McKenna is gorgeous just like her mommy, aunt, and grandma!

And thank you for posting this and for emailing me with the details--I don't want to bother the new parents but I've been DYING over here wondering how they were doing!

Elizabeth said...

Congrats to the new parents, grandparents and aunt and uncle and cousins. What a wonderful birthday present for Lauren and a sweet letter to peanut. McKenna is beautiful!

Kathleen said...

She is beautiful!!! Thanks so much for posting pictures! How exciting! I know Lauren is dressing her up in different outfits... cant wait to see more pictures!!

Jill said...

McKenna is adorable. Congrats to your family! Maridith your post was so sweet and it made me cry. Sisters are the best and I know exactly how you feel about yours. Jenny and I are also very close.