Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Welsey Talk

I have to write this down before I forget because Wesley is at this awesome stage of really exploring his speech capabilities and he is so funny to talk too and listen too.

Wesley use to refer to himself as the "Worker Man" now if you ask him if he is the worker man he says "No, I am the man."

Ask him if he wants to go to bed....immediate response is "NO WAY!!!"

In the car to MOPS he asked me "Wesley eat grass?"  I said "No Wesley doesn't eat grass cows and horses eat grass."  Then for fun I would name lots of family members names to see if they eat grass...
   Does mommy eat grass?  - NO WAY
   Does Wesley eat grass?   - NO WAY
   Do cows eat grass?   -  uh huh
   Does Daddy eat grass?  -  No way! 
   Does sissy eat grass?    -  uh huh-  oh-  NO WAY  (we laughed the whole trip)

Final one...Wesley loves batteries.  Yes batteries., yes.  Well he tends to put them in his pocket and store them  for in case he needs them for an emergency~ I guess. We went to our neighbors' house and they had a flashlight on their refridge and he pulled it off and tried to get it to turn on but he couldn't.  He went up to my neighbor and said "It broke, it needs batteries" and pulled out two batteries from his pocket.  The boy is prepared!!


Jennifer said...

great picture of you guys!

Lauren said...

I like that you can now do "Wes Talk." He's so sweet. The hoarding of the batteries cracks me up!