Monday, January 25, 2010

Weekend Trip to Visit McKenna

This weekend I got to meet my niece McKenna Lea!  (Lea like Tea.)  She is absolutely beautiful!  Just perfection...I am a good judge because I think I had 2 beautiful & perfect kids too!  Lawson and I took a quick trip up north to visit McKenna.  Lawson fell head over heals with McKenna.  Saturday morning Lawson gave McKenna her beloved silky pillow and "ri-ri." 

McKenna you have no idea what an honor that is! 

Lawson making sure to teach McKenna everything she knows and shows Mckenna her best pose!  Love it!!

While I was holding McKenna Lawson said "put her down please, I have made her a bed."  Made my heart so happy to see how much Lawson LOVED McKenna and never had a jealous moment.

Lauren and I had a photo shoot with McKenna.  It is really easy to take beautiful pictures when the subject is so stinking cute.  Here is my precious sister with her new baby!!

Saturday we decided to go on a walk (short and sweet.) Lawson got out her baby stroller and pushed her baby doll as well. 

Ryan, Lauren and me with McKenna and Lawson. 

This picture melts my heart!! Dah with his two grand-girls!! I know he was in heaven!!

Lawson holding McKenna.  She is going to be the best cousin!!

Finally me holding Peanut.  Oh it did my heart good to hold and be around a little baby.  It really made me think "I would love another one..."

But it is so sweet to be an Aunt because I can love on my new niece and spoil her then give her back when she starts crying, needs feeding, or give her to an ever ready father for a diaper change.  Yep, being an Aunt is pretty cool! 

We love you McKenna!! 

See you soon!


Elizabeth said...

What a sweet baby girl! Lawson must have been smitten to share ri-ri.

gale said...

What beautiful pictures of a beautiful family! I too especially like the one of Dah holding bother his grand girls! This post is precious!


John Nicole and AJ Hall said... sweet! Beautiful family! I love all of the pictures! Look how big Ryan is and how small Mckenna is!

Anonymous said...

Maridith - Your blog makes me feel so close to you and your children - and now Lauren and her precious new baby. Thank you so much!


Mommy said...

Congratulations Aunt Maridith! McKenna is completely adorable!!!