Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Enjoying the Warm Weather in January

Here in good ol' NC the first 2 weeks have been like living in the Mid-west. It has just been down right FREEZING with no SNOW (what is up with that?!) Finally this week we have gotten above 60 degrees.  For my daughter anything above 50 degrees she is wearing flip-flops (just like her mommy.)

Enjoying the warm weather!

Wesley looking extra cool in his camo pants!

Wesley trying out his basketball skills!  I love this pictures because of the scale.  When he is 13 I am going to take the same pictures to see how much he has grown! Hopefully he likes to play basketball~if he knows what is good for him, he will!!

Gotta love it!!! I am so lucky!!

Hope everyone is enjoying the warmer weather!


Jennifer said...

I love his camo!

Lauren said...

The warm weather has been awesome! It's nice to have a couple warm days in the middle of winter. I think it's funny how much Lawson love flip flops. And Wesley's camo pants are adorable and I'm sure there is a lot of pockets for his batteries and other manly items. I hope you check his pockets real well before washing. ;)