Monday, January 11, 2010

Wesley's 2nd Birthday Party At Home

Friday night we celebrated Wesley's actual birthday with a small party at home.  That afternoon Wesley and I made brownies together.  This was our first time in the kitchen together baking (without him on my hip) and I must say he is an excellent helper.  We made brownie cupcakes and he stuffed a Reese Cup in the middle of each one! YUMMY!  Too bad his #2 looks slightly LARGE compared to his brownie cupcake.  Oh Well, the brownie was good!  Who cares how silly it looks!

Now this child blows on his food ALL THE TIME! He tells me "it's hot mommy" and blows on his food. But when he sees fire he is like a deer in head lights and will not blow out his candle!

Moving on to the gifts...His first gift (from Grammy and Pops) was a Tommy (a.k.a- Thomas the Train) locamotive "Lady" she is battery operated and shows all the men train how it is done....did I say that outloud?

Next Wesley got a drill (from Aunt Lauren and Will) that moves and makes noise!! Oh he was THRILLED!!

On the next gift, guess what he used to help him disassemble the packaging??? The drill.

The night before Collins read to Wesley all about NC State Baseball and Wesley made him read it OVER and OVER again 5 times before he would let him continue.  Without knowing my parents got Wesley a ball and glove!! Wesley went to the moon and back! He was so excited!!  We might have a baseball player on our hands and a few broken windows in the years to come!

Wesley also received a dump truck from Uncle Ryan and we were unable to get good pictures of him opening it because as soon as he saw it he said "open that daddy!" and pretty much chucked it at him! 

Wesley and his Grandparents!! The boy had no time for pictures he wanted to play ball!!

Wesley, we love you so much and you make us so proud!! Happy Birthday!!

Thank you to everyone who remembered our sweet boy on his 2nd birthday!

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