Thursday, December 23, 2010

34 Weeks and Counting

Here I am at 34 weeks. I have gained 33lbs- thank you holiday foods and goodies and my lack of control!!  Everything is going great.  I feel good and I am really enjoying being pregnant.  I love feeling baby girl move, get the hiccups, and dance when she hears loud music.  She might be a dancer! 

It is funny.  My one observation of Baby Girl is when I am getting after at Lawson or Wesley she seems to get real still.  The girl knows..."I better be quiet, mommy means business!"

We have 6 weeks to go.  Collins has been working hard on Baby Girl's Area.  It is starting to look like a baby nursery and really making things real.  I will have pictures up soon.  The hard part is over the cleaning out and painting.  Now is the fun part....decorating. The main decorating will have to wait until after the holidays.  I can only do so much!

Before you we don't have a name yet!

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