Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My Super Heros

My kids are not ones to really dress up a lot except for the multiple times Lawson has dressed Wesley in girls clothes- poor guy!  Recently, the new thing in our home has been dressing up like Super Heroes. They don't know any super heroes names so they are just "Super Hero Lawson" and "Super Hero Wesley."

There imagination cracks me up!!   

This Christmas I plan on making them Super Hero Capes!! I think they will love it!!


Mommy said...

If they love their capes half as much as my boys do, it will be a very happy Christmas! *I'll need to "order" Fletcher's once he starts walking . . . so that he doesn't feel left out! Ha!

Lauren said...

Awesome! I love their creativity as well. I think they will go ga-ga over their capes on Christmas morning!