Thursday, December 16, 2010


Get this Lawson has been ASKING to do some chores around the house.  Seriously, asking to do chores.  She said kids in her class have to do chores before they can play videos, watch tv, or go outside; therefore she needed to do chores too. I realize that if my daughter is asking to do chores I am doing something wrong but that can be quickly fixed.  

Her wish is my command!!

A little vacuuming...

 Folding clothes...(I could get use to this)

And since today is a snow day (previous snow day picture) I am thinking we have lots of chores that need to be done!!!

Be careful what you wish for little girl!! haha!!


Elizabeth said...

Awesome! We are on a cleaning mission here...if you run out of things for her to do, send her over. Owen was excited when I told him this morning it was a cleaning day.

Anonymous said...

Lawson is a hard little worker! She sure seems happy about it!