Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was interesting... when we thought Wesley was 100% he wasn't.  Dah and Ryan were kind enough to take the kids to Costco for a wonderful outing.  They were fine, well behaved, but Wesley wouldn't eat lunch.  When Wesley got home started looking a little green and then what do you know threw up again.   We all just watched in horror.  Thinking our little buddy was going to be sick on Christmas day.  Well, the child finished throwing up (dry heaves) then he said "I feel better after I throw up."  After that the child was fine!  Completely fine.  

Nana and Wesley. 

Then, a little more excitement.  Lawson lost ANOTHER tooth.  Which meant...Santa and the Tooth Fairy were going to pay our home a visit all in one evening! A friend wrote on my Facebook page "maybe they should carpool."   Too funny! 

Now we had to prepare for Santa's arrival.  Santa's food already to go. 

The kids setting it all up for the big man himself.

Hanging the stockings...

Lawson telling us why she has been a good girl and all the things she wanted from Santa.  It was so entertaining!!

Then it was Wesley's turn.  This is my face when he asked for a gun!  Skip the sword we want a gun to get the monsters. 

The Fitts Family on Christmas Eve!

Mommy and her big girl!!

Daddy reading to the children "The Night before Christmas" 

 The children went to bed with Visions of Sugar Plums Dancing in their heads!! It was a great Christmas Eve. 

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So sweet!