Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas with Grammy and Pops

The weekend before Christmas Grammy and Pops  came to our house to celebrate Christmas.  As always we had a great time!!

Pops yearly tradition with the children is to make a Gingerbread House.  Here is the master at work.

See all the soup cans?  This is how we got it to stay up until it held on it's own.  Wesley was so good.  He had a bowl full of candy right in front of him waiting for the time he could decorate and never ate one!!  

Here is 2010 Gingerbread House.  Good job!!

The next morning we had Christmas.  Wesley opened the first gift and I think it took him 5 minutes to rip all the paper off.  Not because it was difficult.  He was being shy!! My Wesley...shy?? Sometimes he does not like all of the attention.  Of course once he saw the truck he was elated!

Lawson's big gift was Ice Skates!! Plus all the accessories.  The girl is set!

Lawson could not believe she got her own pair.  She wore them that day at her lesson and loved them!

I can't forget that Taylor was here.  Taylor and Wesley are the best of buds!!

It was a wonderful Christmas with the Fitts.  Then on Sunday we went to the annual Goutier Christmas in Little Washington.  It was nice to see all of Gale's Family (36 total).  It is so wonderful that after all these years there whole family (minus one sister and her family) can get together year after year for the holidays. 

More to come from the holidays.  I will catch up before the New Year...maybe.

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